Honor 5 Smart Band “Basketball” Edition on sale for $24

Honor 5 Smart Band “Basketball” Edition on sale for $24
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Get this Honor 5 Smart Band “Basketball” edition for only $23.98

Why I Bought One: These little smart watches by Chinese giant Huawei pack some features my Apple Watch just doesn’t. Notably, advanced sleep monitoring, week-long battery life, and most importantly a Pulse Oximeter.

A Pulse Ox monitor, sometimes called SpO2 or Oximeter measures the amount of oxygen in your blood and can detect one of the worst symptoms of COVID-19 long before you feel sick. This is called “silent hypoxia” and it’s easily detectible using a Pulse Oximeter and they’re getting harder and harder to find and cost 2-3 times as much as the Honor 5. Also, most PulseOx monitors are worn on a fingertip and don’t monitor your levels all day. These can monitor, track, and share your blood oxygen saturation levels, even with Apple Health.

IMHO this is an essential tool especially for essential workers, those out there every day during the Coronavirus pandemic. You never know, it could save a life.

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